DeclaimToFame is currently a prospective M.A. in English and Literature candidate after recently receiving his Bachelor’s in the same field. He is a literature enthusiast and apparent genius (as well as obviously having decided to take certain liberties in writing a description of himself). His particular area of interest includes Modernism, Post-Modernism, and Contemporary literature, essentially anything from the 20th and 21st centuries, but delves into earlier periods on occasion. This blog is dedicated to his opinions on books that he has recently decided to read or read again, and it includes his personal musings in between book reviews. His perspective is not indicative of any establishment other than his own, and he apologizes if he spoils any piece that you have yet to read, although, considering the fact that most of the chosen works are up to about a hundred years old, you should have gotten around to reading them already anyway. He will not be apologetic if his opinion clashes with your own, because he is always right (naturally).

The editor (who happens to be the same person as the writer) would like to point out that DeclaimToFame is not nearly as narcissistic or pretentious as he makes himself out to be. Feel free to disagree with him.

Check out his Goodreads profile to see his library and books he’s currently reading.


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